What We Offer

We invite you to call (831) 462-5896 for a complimentary CD and rate sheet. Please include your event date and location.

  • Ken has an exceptional reputation with event directors, wedding coordinators, caterers and site owners.
  • Ken performs for a wide range of events, from private home parties, to Concert Halls.
  • Expansive repertoire allows a large variety of music. Ken is considered the leading Spanish/Classical, and Brazilian/ jazz guitarist on California's Central Coast. He also performs amazing arrangements of Beatles tunes, and other Rock/standard songs.
  • Using the highest tech music equipment, Ken has played remote and exotic locations, provided appropriate amplification; all without needing electricity or having unsightly wires.
  • Ken wears the appropriate attire for your wedding or event.

Weekend dates fill up quickly so please contact us with as much time as possible before your event.

Ken Constable with guitar